Tuesday, August 02, 2005


I'm bummed today.

There was this game that my brother, sister, and I made up a few years ago. We were messing around with the audio recorder on the computer one day, and started playing with the 'reverse' function. When you press this button, it would reverse the sound you had recorded, playing it backwards.

We started saying words, listening to them backwards, and then tried to say them backwards so that when you 'reversed' it, it would sound like the word should sound forwards. Confusing? Let me explain this way...

1. The word is "Martini Glass"

2. Play it backwards it's "Salg Eeneet-Rom"

3. Record you saying "Salg Eeneet-Rom"

4. Play it backwards and you get "Martini Glass" again (only it sounds REALLY weird).

We used to laugh so hard playing this game, we couldn't breathe! We thought what a great game to market!

So, the other day I found that it already exists, or did exist back in 1988. Here's some pics of the game. Maybe they'll re-release it or modernize it with a mini sound recorder.


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